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High Speed Automatic Bottle Cap Sealing Machine

High Speed Automatic Bottle Capping Machine ROPP & Screw caps. Machine is suitable for capping of round or other shape of Glass, Plastic, PET, LDPE, HDPE Bottles. We are having Automatic Eight Head Bottle ROPP Capping Machine and Automatic Eight Head Bottle Screw Capping Machine for the capping of round & other shape bottles with maximum speed of 250 bottles per minute. Automatic ROPP Capping Machine is widely uses in pharmaceuticals for liquid oral and powder suspension and also uses in Food industry. On other side Automatic Bottle Screw Capping Machine is ideal for application in Pharmaceutical, Food, Pesticide, Cosmetic & other industries.

12/29/2017 6:23:36 PM
Offer By :
Rahul Jain(Adinath International)