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ETO Sterilizer

Ethylene Oxide (EO or ETO) Gas is commonly used to sterilize objects sensitive to temperatures greater than 60°C and /or radiation such as plastics, optics and electrics. Ethylene oxide treatment is generally carried out between 30°C and 60°C with relative humidity above 30% and a gas concentration between 200 and 800 mg/l, and typically lasts for at least three hours. Ethylene oxide penetrates well, moving through paper, cloth, and some plastic films and is highly effective. ETO can kill all known viruses, bacteria and fungi, including bacterial spores and is compatible with most materials (e.g. of medical devices), even when repeatedly applied. However, it is highly flammable, toxic and carcinogenic.

12/29/2017 5:21:12 PM
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Rahul Jain(Adinath International)