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Rotary Vial Washing Machine

Automatic Rotary Vial Washing Machine is specially designed to wash Vial with minimum contact of machine parts with Vials. Machine with specially designed Gripper system holds the Vial from Neck and invert the Vial till the washing operation completed and again after washing release the Vial on outfeed feedworm system in vertical position ensures positive wash of Vials. Machine is suitable to wash 2ml to 100 ml Vials with the help of change parts, Vial feeds through feedworm to infeed Star Wheel and specially designed Gripper hold the Vial from neck and invert the Vial and move it further on rotary moving system for washing process.

12/29/2017 4:51:27 PM
Offer By :
Rahul Jain(Adinath International)