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Geneka Health Care Haridwar-U.K.

Contact Us "Address:-Mr. ANIL SHARMA&Mr. SANKET SHARMA- Plot No.15, Sector 6B IIE Ranipur,Sidcul,Haridwar,U.K.(INDIA) "
Website : www.genekagroup.com
Company InfoGENEKA HEALTH CARE/…..DALAS ENTERPRISES/…..AERODEEP REMEDIES (P) LIMITED/…..SHANTI NIRMAN/…..GENEKA EDUCATIONAL SOCIETY……… Geneka Group is headed by Mr. Anil Sharma was established in 2007 has had varied interests in the fields of Health Care, Real estate, Educational institutions & Distribution ship. The proverbial woman behind the successful man is Mrs. Deepti Sharma who looks into every detail and provides that touch of the extraordinary which make the Institutions the unique institutions. Geneka Group is a leading in Health Care and Real estate and now we are trying our hands in Educational Institution also.-------- Backward vertical integration has been the cornerstone of the evolution and growth of Geneka Group. The Groups activities span exploration and production of All types of Medicines.---------- we at Geneka Health Care are a multi-product, multi-faceted company catering to a wide spectrum of health Care needs and are adhering to ISO 9001: 2000 and WHO GMP systems.--------- "Our Quality Program includes:--- Strict process control through in-process checks----- Stability studies----- Pre-shipment inspection and quality assurance are the major factors to deliver the product at its best.--------" "Products , Geneka Health Care:---Tablets --- -- Capsules----- Injections----- Liquid-----Dry Syrups----- Oil ---- Ointment----- Soaps-----Derma---- Others----" Please contect us to know about our products …………or open our Web. ….. Products - Aerodeep Remedies (P) Ltd.:---- "CEFTRIAXONE 250MG---- CEFTRIAXONE 500MG---- CEFTRIAXONE 1 GM---- CEFTRIAXONE 250MG+ SALBACTUM 125MG----- CEFTRIAXONE 500MG + SALBACTUM 250MG----- CEFTRIAXONE 1 GM + SALBACTUM 500MG---- CEFTRIAXONE 1 GM + TAZOBACTUM 125MG---- MEROPENEM 250MG---- MEROPENEM 500MG----- MEROPENEM 1 GM ------" "PIPERACILLIN 4 GM + TAZOBACTUM 500 MG----- PIPERACILLIN 2 GM + TAZOBACTUM 250 MG----- PIPERACILLIN 1 GM + TAZOBACTUM 125 MG----- CEFOPERAZONE 500MG + SALBACTUM 500MG----- CEFOPERAZONE 1 GM + SALBACTUM 500MG----- AMOXYCILLIN 1 GM + CLAVULANATE POT.200MG----- AMOXYCILLIN 250MG + CLAVULANATE POT.50MG----- AMOXYCILLIN 125 MG + CLAVULANATE POT.25 MG----- AZTREONAM INJECTION USP-----" " CEFTAZIDIME 125 MG----- CEFTAZIDIME 250 MG----- CEFTAZIDIME 500 MG----- CEFTAZIDIME 1 GM----- ARTESUNATE------ PANTAPRAZOLE SODIUM 40 MG----- RABEPRAZOLE 20MG----- IMIPENEM + CILASTATINE----- CHLORAMPHENICOL SOD. SUCCINATE 1000 MG----- METHYLPREDNISOLONE SOD. SUCCINATE 1000MG----- HYDROCORTISONE SOD. SUCCINATE 100 MG-----" "CEFEPIME 500+ TAZOBACTAM 62.5----- CEFEPIME 1GM + TAZOBACTAM 125 MG----- CEFTRIAXONE 250MG + TAZOBACTAM 31.25----- CEFTAZIDIME 1GM + TAZOBACTAM 125 MG----- CEFTAZIDIME 500 MG + TAZOBACTAM 62.5 MG---- CEFEPIME 1GM + AMIKACIN 250 MG----- CEFEPIME 2GM + AMIKACIN 500 MG----- CEFEPIME 500MG + AMIKACIN 125 MG-----" " CONTACT INFO:--- M/S AERODEEP REMEDIES (P) LIMITED; Survey No.161, Bahadurpur Saini, Post. Doulatpur, Bahadrabad, Haridwar, Uttarakhand (INDIA)---- E-mail : artwork.aerodeep@genekagroup.com-----" " CONTACT PERSON:----- Mr. GAGAN SHARMA; Mobile : +91-9927032501 / 9368052956----- E-mail : gagansharma@genekagroup.com-----CORPORATE OFFICE;AS GIVEN BELOW-----" "Products - Dalas Enterprises :----Tablets----- Capsules----- Injections----- Liquid-----Dry Syrups----- Oil----- Others-----" Please contect us to know about our products …………or open our Web. …..www.genekagroup.com " CONTACT INFO:---- M/S DALAS ENTERPRISES; Khasra No.7M, Sultanpur Majri, Sidcul-Bahadrabad Bypass, Haridwar - 249402, Uttarakhand (INDIA)----- E-mail : franchisee.enquiry@genekagroup.com-----" " CONTACT PERSON:---- Mr. RAJESH VERMA; Mobile : +91-9917400446----- E-mail : rajeshverma@genekagroup.com----- Mr. GAGAN SHARMA:---- Mobile : +91-9927032501 / 9368052956----- E-mail : gagansharma@genekagroup.com-----CORPORATE OFFICE:---AS GIVEN BELOW----" Contract Manufacturing :----- Drug manufacturing for overseas markets is a highly competitive field and only the very best can survive. It takes a strong infrastructure with a great deal of manufacturing expertise to bring out the finest quality finished formulations. At Geneka we have a long track record of manufacturing pharmaceutical dosage forms for worldwide pharmaceutical markets. We are proud to be able to provide high quality products that can improve the health and quality of life of many people across the globe at reasonable prices.----- We have a very good manufacturing infrastructure consisting of modern GMP Certified facilities. We use state-of-the-art equipment and have a team of qualified professionals who ensure that every product that rolls out of our factory will meet the WHO- GMP Guidelines and other world class standards. This allows us to bring out the finest quality finished formulations to cater to your every need.----- "Geneka is the reliable & global medicine house for:---- Medicines for Gastrointestinal disorders----- Cardiovascular Medicines----- Medicines for Central Nervous System----- Medicines for Pain Management----- Musculoskeletal Medicines----- Antibiotics & Antibacterial Drugs----- antiviral Drugs------ Anti- tubercular Drugs----- Anthelmintic Drugs----- Anti- malarial Drugs ------" "Calcium, Vitamins & Nutritional Products----- Medicines for Diabetes----- Medicines for Obesity Management----- Medicines for Hair Loss----- Medicines to treat Sexual Impotence----- Sildenafil Tablets----- Tadalafil Tablets----- Vardenafil Tablets----- Veterinary Medicines-----" " We are well equipped to offer you the following services:----- Assured Quality and Timely Delivery.----- Assistance in Trademark & Drugs Registration.------ Assistance in Designing and Packing Material Procurement.----- Assistance in Promotional Material (Visual Aids, Brochures, Product Profiles, Catch Covers)------ " "CORPORATE OFFICE:-- 211, Ansal Imperial Tower, C Block, Community Center, Narayana Vihar, New Delhi - 110028--- Mobile : +91-8447737546--- Mobile : +91-8447737547----Send Enquiry"
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