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Role of pharmacists in detecting risks of drugs as important as that of medical consultants: Dr Pawar

Role of pharmacists in detecting risks that were not apparent during clinical trials is equally important as that of medical consultants who prescribe the new drugs as soon as they are made available in the market.

The new drugs should always be prescribed only by medical consultants (post graduates in medical sciences) and whose duties should consist of preparing an adverse effect profile of the new medicines they suggest to their patients.

The post-marketing surveillance of the new drugs or in the monitoring of adverse drug reactions of the existing ones, the pharmacists have to collaboratively work with the physicians and the nurses. The pharmacists are doing the technical part of the formulation, they are not doctors. They have knowledge of drug formulation and that knowledge is used for supporting doctors, not for doing diagnosis which is done by doctors only.

“When a new drug comes to the market, it must be prescribed only by the post graduates in medicine who are called medical consultants. The drug may be in the fourth phase of its clinical trial. The medical consultants should observe the ADRs and report them to the authorities. There are rules for clinical trials specified in the Schedule Y of the Drugs and Cosmetics Act, but no doctor is following the rules because all the doctors are busy. So, there are chances of ADRs and the role of pharmacists is required here”, he commented.

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